luckboysunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home, inspired by an artistic take on the world of children.

the brand’s danish designers, camilla koerschen and camilla ebdrup, are highly creative textile designers with backgrounds in fashion and art, who founded their studio in 2007.
“ we sat down on a bench by the lakes in copenhagen, shaking each other hands promising to design the best brand we could think off ”
their work magically straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual, bringing a poetic, artistic sensibility to both the living room and the children’s room.
“ uh well, we design things that we adore, and we truly hope you will like them ”
all luckyboysunday’s designs are manufactured in bolivia, where alpaca have been bred for their precious wool for centuries. all items are knitted in cooperatives working under the fair trade principle by very talented women, using only the highest grade wool, which is as valuable and as soft as cashmere.
“ we support some of the poor population by giving them a good job and a fair price. at the same time the bolivian knitters make our dreams come alive ”


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